Outfit Journal is moving...

to this address.

My fiance created a wedding website which will eventually be our personal blog; and I really think it's so timely. I realized that over time, this has become a personal blog more than merely an outfit journal. Not to say that fashion is shallow because it is still and will always be one of my passions in life.. but there's just so much more to life than that. There's so much to write about that's definitely more fulfilling than wearing the perfect outfit.

I'm keeping this site and everything I wrote here. Guess I'm sentimental in that sense.

See ya in www.september92009.com!



...I've been wanting to have one (or two. hehe!) for sooo long now. I just don't want to splurge that's why i waited. "Frugality" rules in times like this! 

The loooong wait's over and I scored two! Yey!

H&M. $10!

Zara. Believe it or not, it's just $4.99! Good thing I can still fit in the clothes from their kids' line! Haha!

I would love to pair the black one with a white tank top. They both look good with pumps or perhaps a pair of girly flats. I'm so excited to wear them!


valentine post...

...late as usual.

First of all, I'd like to say, our EQ gets low sometimes. Hehe. So Gian and I gave each other our gifts days before valentine's day. Hehe. In fact, almost as soon as we got them in the mail! Haha.

He gave me a chocolate/cafe latte maker + valrhona chocolate! 

Me and my loot =)

I gave him a pair of Evisu jeans (no pic, sorry!). He's not liking Diesel as much as he did before. He hates seeing a lot of people on Bart wearing the same jeans as he does. Kinda vain huh? Hehe! (He gave me a pair of Evisu too! He said, it's his going-away gift for me. And then I surprised him one afternoon when we met going to Bart with a Northface hoodie. His black hoodie is a bit too old it's almost gray already! Hihi.)

On Heart's day, he's supposed to pick me up at around 11 am. He showed up a bit late and gave me this:

He picked the flowers from my tita's garden!

I have to admit I was kinda disappointed 'coz I really thought he totally forgot. Then again, I just said to myself, it's the thought that counts anyway! He went out already and brought with him a paper bag full of my stuff. As soon as I got out of the house, he pointed at bench near our door. He said "yung gamit mo, baka mo malimutan." I saw a bouquet of flowers beside my paper bag! He's late because he went to  3 flower shops! Well, technically, just 2. The other one was a store named "Wild Birds Unlimited". He thought the sign says "Wild Buds Unlimited". Haha!

I really am so blessed to have a fiance like him. He never runs out of surprises and he keeps on courting me despite the fact that we've been dating for more than 5 years now. I really pray he won't get tired of pursuing me even when we're already married.

Me and my flowers. I had to go inside the house again to have my pic taken and to put the flowers on a vase. Please excuse my chubby cheeks!

Then we went to Berkeley with Ate Mel and Tito Bong. We had lunch at Gregoire and then went to a fabric store and then dessert at the Olde San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek

Ate Mel and Tito Bong

Our really big Banana Split

We finished it! Hehe

For dinner, we headed to Tommy Toy's in San Francisco for a seven course dinner. We just took the Bart to avoid heavy traffic. We had to walk 7 blocks but it's really an enjoyable one!

1st course: Minced Squab “Imperial” Served in Iceberg Lettuce Cup

2nd: Seafood Triangles with Crushed Almonds in Phyllo Pastry Drizzled with Wild Plum Sauce.
This is halfway done. I almost forgot to take a pic. Hehe.

3rd: Crabmeat and Mushroom Bisque Oven Baked in Fresh Coconut and Crowned with Flaky Puffy Pastry

4th: Fresh Whole Maine Lobster with Ginger Scallion Sauce, Served over Angel Hair Crystal Noodles

5th: Ying-Yang Peking Duck in Lotus Buns Served with Hoisin Sauce and Honey Plum Sauce. Definitely my fave!

6th: Medallions of Filet Mignon Wok-Charred with Garlic and a Touch of Rosemary in Red Wine and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction Accompanied with Fresh Asparagus Spears and Four Seasons Fried Rice

7th: Triple Chocolate Mousse

My date, making faces as usual. Hehe!

Can I share with you my Facebook status?

"Jill had a sweet surprise, a delightful dinner & a good talk. I will joyfully walk more than 7 blocks with you. wink ;) I'm so grateful. Thanks for guarding my heart."

Thanks, my Valentine. 


NYC Highlights

But before that, here's a pic of us the night they arrived in SFO:

Moi, Micah, Lei, Mommy and Daddy


Me and my family at Times Square

Special thanks to Kuya Mannyboy. Miss you na!

We have a picture too ;)

We stayed in Crowne Plaza. It's located in the touristy area - Times Square. My dad liked the location a lot but I am really a fan of Soho. But the hotel, I have nothing bad to say about it at all. Great service!

Living Room 

Dining Area

Bedroom. We had to get extra beds though. Hehe!

Our hotel's near: 

I can't remember if it's near or along Broadway.




W Hotel. It looks so crisp and modern.

Actually, the hotel's beside Hersey's Store. No pic though.

First dinner at Juniors. I enjoyed their cheesecake, but I really like Cheesecake Factory's better. I guess because it's richer. But needless to say, mine is my favorite. Wink wink! ;)

Daddy, Kuya Manny and Gg. Parang nahihiya kayo ngumiti? Hehe!

Gg and I. "Cheesecake tasting". 

Then we went to:

Rockefeller Plaza where the famed Christmas tree is located. 

Remember Home Alone 2 Lost in New York? The tree is humongous - literally a giant tree with all the  Christmas lights! The picture doesn't give justice at all. 

Lei gets fascinated whenever she sees this. It reminds her of Wall-e. ;)

She got excited to see the policemen too and the huge horse. Hehe. Picture-picture. Shy pa kunwari.

Midnight Snack, Breakfast, etc... Halal Food. Sarap. I just can't eat it everyday of my life. Nakakasuya. Hehe. I liked the spicy lamb gyro. 

We hopped in this gray line bus:

NY Sightseeing. Too touristy noh? I'd like to do non-touristy stuff if and when I go back. ;)

Hehe. I liked this pic a lot. Micah didn't know that Gg's making faces.

View from the bus. We're on the 2nd floor.

I always see this building in movies. It's nice to see it in real life. Hihi.

Empire State. We didn't go in though. We were supposed to go back and do that but we completely forgot.

Wall Street

I wanna walk the streets of NYC Fashion District and really see it next time. I hope there's still next time!

I saw Parsons School of Design. I don't know why I didn't inquire here but I don't regret it. I love FIDM. San Francisco, it is. :)

I want to see this Leica Gallery next time too!

Ground Zero

Okay, the rest isn't in order anymore. I can't remember the sequence anymore!

We saw this billboard too. Yehes! Congrats Pacman.

We also went to Pier 17:

That's me and my daddy looking at the directory.


Pier 17 Shops and Restaurants

Artsy Farty shot

We had ice cream even if it was snowing!

Here's Lei trying to sleep. 

And this is me trying to wake her up. Pilya. Haha. I just missed making kulit. ;) Wake up. Let's eat pizza!

Ray's Pizza. I don't know if this is the best one here but I liked it.

Kuya Mannyboy and Lei

Lei and I with the Pizzaboy (Gg). Hehe!

Gg took this. We bought pasalubongs for Ate Mel and Toots.

We also went to the Musuem of Natural History:

Family Pic with the Dino bones. I think this one is Cera from The Land Before Time. Wink wink ;)

Kuya Meyni took a pic of Gg taking our picture. ;)

Nice face Lei. Haha! Loves ya! ;)

Walking to Jacque Torres. It's kinda hidden. Micah's so dalaga na noh?

Went to Jacque Torres. Yummy hot chocolate! Perfect for the weather while we were there. It's so viscous it's almost like condensed milk.

Nice boxes of chocolates. 

If only it's edible, I would eat it too! Haha!

Inside the store

After the hot choc, we went to Soho:

With Gg at Soho.

Gg and Lei. Kidrobot!

Outside Uniqlo. I scored 2 fine Merino Wool cardigans and a thick wool sweater. That's my only loot from this NYC trip and it's perfectly fine. ;) Micah got her first pair of Diesel-Adidas (a collaboration) here.

We also met Lei's friend:

Lei and her good friend, Gianne

My only complaint is: their subway. It's really soo dirty and a lot smaller compared to Bart in the Bay Area. But NYC Subway can bring you to more places, unlike Bart. I guess, I can never memorize the route and all. It's too complicated! Hehe. 

Nice shot by Micah.

We have lotsa pictures at the station though and even on the train. Look:

Daddy, Mommy, Micah, Me and Lei

With the train this time. 

With the train already moving. Daddy got bored. He didn't join us in this pic. Hehe!

Me ang Gg

Mommy, Me and Micah


Me and Gg again

Candid. That's me talking to mommy.

I guess the best part is the snow. It's the first time my family saw falling snow. To me, that's really memorable. One morning, Lei, Daddy and I went out to get breakfast. Lei just took a bath so her hair's all wet. She was so surprised when she touched her hair when we were outside. It was frozen! She got scared for a while and then we laughed! Hehe.

Snowing in NYC

And here's my fave shot (Lei). To me, it represents NYC - always on the go; too fast-paced life.

*The pics here are from my cam, Lei's, Micah's and Kuya Manny's
*I'm pretty sure there's something I forgot to include. I'll edit if I'm not too lazy. ;)